Mix for cucumbers

Sour cucumbers spice blend

Many people greatly enjoy the traditional taste of semi-pickled cucumbers and seasonal low-salt cucumbers! Sour cucumbers spice blend will make a great addition to your sandwiches, dinners or taste great simply as an appetiser. The secret of this culinary specialty of Polish cuisine lies in a careful recipe based on fresh cucumbers, appropriately chosen proportions of spices such as horseradish, dill, white mustard and garlic, as well as classic brine.

Low-salt cucumbers are slightly salty and crunchy; immediately after taking them out of a jar they look just like pickled cucumbers, although their inside is not transparent, due to the short pickling time. It is a Polish classic which can be prepared very quickly at home. Low-salt cucumbers take about 3 days spent in brine to provide them with perfect flavour, whereas pickled cucumbers should be stored in a cool place for a few weeks (approx. 20 days).

A simple recipe and ready formula will help you prepare a perfect preserve - even if you are a novice. Then again; cucumbers prepared like this will be just how mom used to make them.

Basis weight: 40 g
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