My recipe for

My recipe for:

classic meat gyro

Gyro meat is one of the most popular dishes both in Greece and in Poland – the meat roasted on a spit, with the specific flavour, served usually with vegetables. In order to make the meat exceptionally distinctive, one shall necessarily enrich the meat with the unique mixture by Chef Teo Vafidis’ recipe, who shared his culinary experience and prepared the specially selected Gyro meat recipe. In „Mój przepis na: klasyczny gyros” ("My recipe: classic meat gyro") one can find seasoning intensive in flavour and aroma, such as: sweet pepper, mustard, coriander, rosemary, chili pepper, oregano, and juniper. „Mój przepis na: klasyczny gyros” ("My recipe: classic meat gyro") enhances the prepared meat with original, oriental taste and a distinctive feature.

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